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Dance Artist in Residence: 2023

As inaugural artist at the Baths Artist Studios in Dún Laoghaire in 2023, Laura focused on exploring our interconnection with the Sea:


Diving into the context and stories of this historic landmark in exchange with local bathing and swimming community.

Exploring our inter-relationship, impact and care of

water, the Sea and coastal landscapes. 

Investigating our physiological water make-up, sea rites and rituals,

& our innate desire to dip, swim and get-in the water! 


With a program of land and water-based movement workshops, sea scores, talks, dance & dip events, pop-up performances & more! 

Follow what's happening here!



Join the dance this Summer with sea and studio-based workshops, open studio conversation and pop-up events at the BATHS in Dún Laoghaire!

This is an opportunity to share your stories, explore your own water-dance, connect with community and find joy in movement! 


Laura Sarah Dowdall

Artist / Performer/ Choreographer

Laura Sarah Dowdall is an innovative dance artist creating engaging performance that is experiential, immersive and permeable to audience interaction, incorporating site-specific performance, spoken word and film.

Laura travels internationally performing, giving workshops, talks, trainings and retreats. She is a socially-engaged artist who is actively engaged in the community. Her inclusive dance project Running Blind empowers people of all abilities to enjoy the creative freedom and enjoyment of dance.

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